Connecticut Runner and Lawyer

I went running today with a friend of mine who is a Jacksonville Attorney in Florida. Between our lawyerhuffing and puffing and the slap of our shoes on the wet pavement, we discussed the differences in our fields. I work mostly in personal injury and he deals primarily with drunk driving arrests like my friend Scott in Arizona  who works as a Phoenix DUI lawyer. Here is his video.

We did about 5 miles before calling it a morning. My attorney friend is more of a part time jogger than a runner and five miles is about all he wants to go. We enjoyed the chilly Hartford breeze drying the sweat from our foreheads. You can learn more at my About page or read my posts.

On another subject, It appears Florida will be implementing a medical pot law similar to the one we have in Connecticut. Updates on legal pot in the Sunshine State can be found at findtoppotshops.Com

Another pretty decent law video at


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